Guiding Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

naturopathic medicine

Naturopathic doctors have a set of six guiding principles that work like a philosophical platform for everything they do. The principles influence how they make clinical decisions, how we think about medicine, and most importantly, how we treat you as a patient.

What are the six principles?

The six principles of naturopathic medicine go like this:

  1. First, do no harm
  2. Treat the root cause of illness or disease
  3. Treat the whole person
  4. Use the healing power of the body and nature
  5. Empower patients through education
  6. Be proactive by emphasizing prevention

How do these principles help me get better?

Each principle plays a role in guiding your naturopathic doctor in you and your family’s healing process.

First, do no harm

This principle speaks for itself: the number one priority is not to do anything that will cause you or your family further pain or illness. You can rest assured that your ND has your best interest in mind, because they are guided by the principle of do no harm.

Treat the root cause of illness or disease

The standard medical approach is designed to treat symptoms, not causes. ND’s work to find out what’s causing your illness and work to correct the underlying issue.

Naturopathic doctors see symptoms as an expression of the body trying to heal itself. The symptoms themselves are not the disease. NDs find out what’s causing your symptoms, so you can feel better and stay better.

Naturopathic doctors understand that covering up the symptoms will only mask the condition. That’s why they do a full assessment to find out where your symptoms are coming from, and then treat that root cause to remove the condition completely

Treat the whole person

Have you ever been to a walk-in clinic and been told you’re only allowed to talk about one thing? Naturopathic doctors know that people don’t work that way. Treating the whole person means they look at each and every aspect of you and your family’s health and wellbeing to get you all functioning optimally. It also means they make sure our treatment plan is a fit for you. No two people are the same so what works for one person may require something different for someone else.

Use the healing power of the body and nature

Naturopathic doctors know your body has its own wisdom. They work with that power to help your body heal itself. It’s you that does the healing. With powerful tools and experience in helping make health decisions, your ND is here to support you in that healing and help you get better.

Using the healing power of nature also means that using natural treatments first. Natural therapies are very effective, and come with fewer side effects than prescription medications. By choosing targeted, non-pharmacological therapies when appropriate, to help you on your way to wellness, and then when necessary, prescribing most of the drugs that an MD can, gets you the best of both worlds.

Empower patients through education

Have you ever been confused after speaking to a doctor or other health care provider? Educating you as a patient, so that you understand the treatments you’re getting and why you’re getting them, is an essential guiding principle for NDs. Extending that education to making healthy choices in all areas of your life, helps with our final principle: prevention.

Be proactive by emphasizing prevention

Nothing works better for curing a disease than not getting the disease in the first place. As a guiding principle, this means we identify risk factors, and together with education, help to get your health on track so you don’t suffer in the future.

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