Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a unique system of health care, promoting natural healing and prevention of disease. Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are trained as primary care general practitioners who use a variety of non-invasive natural therapeutics to holistically treat both acute and chronic health conditions.

Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are guided by six Principles of Naturopathy, which emphasize a holistic and natural approach to patient care, diagnosis, management, and treatment of medical conditions. The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine include:

  • First Do No Harm – Naturopathic Doctors use safe, gentle, and natural therapies to improve the well being of a patient’s health, while limiting risk and adverse effects.
  • The Healing Power of Nature – Naturopathic Medicine respects the innate intelligence of the human body to heal. The Vital Force stimulates the physiological systems of the body to bring the organism into balance and equilibrium moving towards a state of optimal health.
  • Find and Treat the Cause of Illness – Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine address lifestyle and nutritional factors that cause disease susceptibility. Through tonification of tissues and organs, and supplementation of nutritional deficiencies, Naturopathic Medicine goes to the source of disease and promotes the true treatment of illness.
  • Treat the Whole Person – Naturopathic Doctors treat the whole person while taking intoconsideration the complex factors of human existence, including lifestyle, diet, nutritional status, environmental toxins, genetic predisposition, and emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Doctor as Teacher – Docere, the Latin root for doctor means “to teach”. A principle objective of Naturopathic Medicine is to educate the patient with current scientifically-proven information and clinically-valid therapeutics to promote self-responsibility for health and well-being.
  • Prevention – Naturopathic Medicine teaches the benefits of healthy living in order to prevent the development of chronic illness and destructive disease states.

Naturopathic Training:

Naturopathic Doctors are trained at accredited, four-year, post-graduate naturopathic medical schools. The comprehensive medical training includes studies in basic medical sciences, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory and diagnostic imaging studies, clinical medical sciences, naturopathic philosophy, pharmacology, and a wide variety of natural therapeutics. In order to become licensed practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors are required to successfully pass national board exams in the basic and clinical medical sciences as well as all of the Naturopathic therapeutics.