Why Should I Visit a Naturopathic Doctor?

why should you visit a naturopath in seattle

“My first visit with my naturopathic doctor was amazing! They spent a whole hour with me. I’ve never felt so listened to before.”

It’s common to hear this from patients. They’ve often seen all kinds of doctors and other health care practitioners, who may not be free to spend more than five minutes with them. You leave feeling confused and uncared for; like you are your illness, not a person who has an illness.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are  different.  We spend a lot of time making sure we have all the facts, gathering in-depth knowledge about every part of your health and then develop an individualized treatment plan with consideration for the patient’s preferences and input.  Our approach is patient centered.

Why should I see an ND?

It can be intimidating to seek complementary healthcare. Naturopathic physicians are highly skilled doctors who can be primary care providers. There are many reasons that choosing to see a naturopathic doctor is an excellent decision for your health.

If you have it, NDs can treat it!

Naturopathic doctors are used to treating all of the most common conditions seen in practice, and thrive when treating less common conditions. Some of the most common things we treat are listed in our FAQs. If you don’t see your condition on the list it is most likely still treatable by an ND.

NDs are highly educated

To become a naturopathic doctor, you have to enroll in a  4-year post-graduate, in residence program at an accredited naturopathic medical school. Upon graduation  every ND has had at least eight years of post-secondary education.

Naturopathic medical school involves thousands of classroom and clinical training hours, working with real patients in clinical settings. Many people are surprised to hear that NDs have the same diagnostic, anatomical, and pathophysiological training as medical doctors.

Naturopathic medicine is covered by most extended healthcare plans

Most extended health care plans cover visits with your naturopathic doctor. Coverage may vary depending on your insurance company; you can call them to find out what’s offered in your plan, or call our clinic and ask us.

NDs listen

Naturopathic patients often say they felt really listened to for the first time. Health concerns can be a vulnerable thing to talk about, and there also can be a lot of emotions surrounding a diagnosis. NDs are trained in compassionate listening skills, making sure you get to tell all sides of your story, and will likely ask you things you’ve probably never been asked before.

NDs use natural therapies

Are you tired of taking so many medications which may also have side effects? Have you had a recent diagnosis and aren’t sure if prescription medications are the only or right choice for you? Naturopathic medicine is designed to use natural interventions when possible, gently invoking the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

NDs always look at your diet and your lifestyle, removing things that are getting in the way of you being healthy. We might use herbal medicines, or supplemental vitamins and micronutrients to help your body’s cells get back in balance. We may use acupuncture to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself. Each person is unique, and NDs do what it takes to get you feeling better.

NDs care about all aspects of your health

NDs care about all parts of your wellbeing, not just one part of your body. We want to know how you’re sleeping, how well you’re digesting food, how your relationships are, and what your stress levels are. Naturopathic doctors explore all areas of your health to offer you complete, comprehensive care.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Naturopathic doctors love their jobs, and patients love their NDs. Book your complimentary 15 minute consult today to find out how we can help you attain your health goals.